YADA has run the monitoring and evaluation activities of Civil Society Development Center (STGM) and “Life Plus” Youth Programs starting in 2005. Within the scope of STGM's monitoring-evaluation studies YADA held scientific surveys about the effects of STGM studies on NGOs. In this study, NGOs’ technical and organizational capacities, priorities, needs and expectations were estimated in comparison with other NGOs working in the same field.

YADA has run the monitoring and evaluation activities of 58 projects supported by “Life Plus” Youth Program, and prepared monitoring and evaluation reports regarding the Program. YADA also made a detailed analysis of suggestions concerning the Program and the projects.

YADA made the external evaluation of “Independent Media Center” project in 2010 which is supported by EU and run under the management of “The Management Center” in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This project intends to strengthen NGOs on the island.

YADA published “Social Impact on Environmental Projects Report” after the evaluation activities of environmental projects supported by UNDP/GEF SGP in 2006 and 2007.