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Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue in Turkey

The research carried out by YADA Foundation (YADA) in 2014 within the context of the Project “Strengthening Civil Society Development and Civil Society-Public Sector Dialogue in Turkey”, indicated that the citizens and CSO representatives underline that there is a lack of communication, dialogue and cooperation among CSOs. A lack of communicative public sphere among CSOs and weakness of democratic participatory mechanisms in the decision-making processes are the prominent issues to be addressed for CSOs to increase their participation in the decision-making processes. In addition, disconnectedness increases the stereotyping of CSOs among the public sector. The same research underlines the fact that in the perception of the public sector and the society, CSOs have low capacity and weak impact power on public and decision mechanisms. The overall objective is to build a dialogue among CSOs and to contribute to cooperation and negotiation among CSOs. The project aims to contribute to democratic participation of CSOs in policy processes and improve CSO-CSO dialogue and relationship. The expected outcomes are; to build a communicative public sphere, embracing diversity among CSOs, to increase the advocacy skills and communication capacity of CSOs, and to increase the visibility of different CSOs by enabling environment for a better dialogue among CSOs.