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“Life Plus” Youth Program

“Life Plus” Youth Program has run in a partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation and YADA. Since 2005 the Program has supported 58 environmental projects in 36 cities.
Every year an average of 7 projects were supported by the Program. YADA monitored the projects and prepared an evaluation report for each project. The reports on the projects were used to build better support strategies and criterion for the Program. The results of the evaluation were also shared with project teams and leaders becoming a tool for structuring and evaluating the potentials of partners.
YADA visited project zones regularly as a part of the monitoring and evaluation studies. During these visits YADA crew met with representatives of the target group, officers of public institutions, NGOs and academics alongside the project teams. YADA examined the projects’ effects on society, contributions of the projects in policy and decision making processes, and the effects on the attendance of NGOs.
As a result of these contributions YADA was appointed as the coordinator organization of the “Life Plus” Youth Program in 2010. Contracting, monitoring and evaluation studies, supervision of the project teams, organizing workshops to contribute project development efforts and increasing the execution capacity of NGOs were carried out by YADA.
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