YADA Foundation

Yaşama Dair Vakıf (YADA Foundation) was founded in 2005 with a vision of building bridges between “knowledge” and “society”. YADA aims to produce knowledge regarding the different aspects of social life and convert this knowledge into application.


YADA conducts its work in Istanbul and Ankara with a team of experts in the fields of political sciences, sociology, communication, statistics, environment and cultural studies.


Thus far, we published 24 reports, 2 books, 2 guides based on the 27 research projects in the fields of civil society, corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility, development, agriculture, environment, youth and social media. We conducted 28 implementation projects with local NGOs, public institutions and universities in 27 provinces of Turkey.



We aim to use the experience we have accumulated to provide assistance in the establishment of new NGOs and to develop new approaches and model implementations in various social areas. Pursuing this aim, we have actively led the establishment process of three new NGOs and provided guidance in the founding processes of other NGOs.



Aside from our research and implementation projects, we provided consultancy and strategy development support to non-governmental organizations, public sector and private sector institutions. We also carried out monitoring and evaluation studies for projects that were being managed by these organizations.



We continue our activities in order to contribute to Turkey's civil society scene with new approaches and innovative implementation methods.